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The Stratford Men's Groups has many alumni in other areas of the USA and internationally. It is our hope that this website will help us all stay in touch. Please send your comments or any info you would like to share to 

Join our Email List: The Stratford Men's Group maintains an email group list that is used to contact members with relevant information about our group activities, member sickness, deaths and funeral notices.

Join Our Phone List: The Stratford Mens Group maintains a confidential phone list that is available to members only. If you would like a copy of this list please  Request Phone List Here

Our group has a strong tradition of our members supporting one another. Listed below are three sections of information regarding our members in need of support.


Live Stratford Men's Group AA Meetings are starting up next Monday 6/29 @ 7PM.

We have been given permission, by the Pastor of St James Church, to hold live AA meetings in the parking lot of St James.

Masks and social distancing are required.

Please bring your chair and a mask.

As always, smoking is not permitted on church grounds.

Note: The daily Zoom meetings at 6PM are continuing.

Here are some Virtual Meetings you can join.

Stratford Mens Virtual AA Meeting will take place on an app called  ZOOM.

You can download the app here   Zoom App

This meeting will be at 6PM Nightly and here is the meeting invitation:

Topic: David Hulme's Personal Meeting Room

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID 250 245 2457

Daily Reprieve Zoom Meetings

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID is 809 217 052

Hosted by Brian C

Sundays 8pm

Mondays 8pm

Tuesdays 8pm

Wednesdays 7pm

Thursdays 7pm

Fridays 8pm

Saturdays 6pm

High Watch Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

7:30 pm Daily

Meeting ID 162 713 326

AA Grapevine is Free to all due to COVID-19

Click or tap to follow the link.

As more Zoom meetings become available we will send updates.

Please stay in touch with your network and feel free to send an email if you need help.


Roy “Ducky” W., a long-time member of SMG and the Corridor Group, needs our prayers..

Sadly, Roy's father passed away Wednesday April 15, 2020.


Stratford Men's Group Eternal Meeting Members

John Sherlock, Roger Pleasanton, Bob Howard, Wayne Cassidy, Michael Patrick, Jack Cunningham, Larry Doyle, John Pakowski, Andy Alexay, Jack Flynn, Pat Mallon, Forbes Duguid, Frank Striano, Al Ferrer, Frank Phelan, King Dykeman